« Our City, Our Money » (notre ville, notre monnaie). Discover the Bristol pound!


The Bristol Pound is the UK’s first city wide local currency, the first to have electronic accounts managed by a regulated financial institution, and the first that can be used to pay some local taxes.

The Bristol Pound is run as a not-for-profit partnership between the Bristol Pound Community Interest Company and Bristol Credit Union.

You can spend Bristol Pounds at every participating  business using either paper Bristol Pounds, or from a Bristol Pound account with any mobile phone by using our simple TXT2PAY sms payment system, or over the internet.

Having electronic accounts makes Bristol Pounds easy and convenient to use for the public and opens up the opportunities for business to business payments.

All electronic accounts are managed by Bristol Credit Union on established and secure banking systems.


Key facts:
– Bristol Pounds are purchased for sterling and can be spent with business members. 

– Bristol Pounds are spent just like pounds sterling with £B1 equal in value to £1sterling.

– Each Bristol Pound is backed pound for pound by sterling deposits, so taking part incurs no more financial risk than is generally the case when depositing money with an authorised and regulated institution.

– The Bristol Pound is a complementary currency, designed to work alongside sterling, not replace it.

– Business accounts are available to traders that are independently owned and based in or around Bristol.

– Anyone can pay with or accept printed Bristol Pounds.The Bristol Pound is not legal tender and so accepting Bristol Pounds is voluntary.

– Printed Bristol Pounds are printed by specialist printers, incorporating eight security features.

– All Bristol Pound systems are very secure. Money can only be taken out of the system by registered account holders.

Check this website for more information: http://bristolpound.org

À propos de fabengland (Français à Bristol)

(EN) Francais a Bristol (commonly referred to as FAB) is a French organisation based in Bristol, England. FAB is organised in two ways. 1. It offers a variety of services to French people who arrive in Bristol and have no base. Help is provided so that they can find a job/a house/a bank/choose their mobile providers and even receive information about the Heath system in the UK 2. It offers the possibility to anyone who likes French culture or the French language to find a language buddy or to begin learning French. The organisation was founded in 2011 as a community away from home for French people in Bristol. FAB can be contacted in two ways. - The Facebook page hosts our videos, pictures, upcoming events https://www.facebook.com/francais.abristol - The Facebook group allows to debate and answer any and all questions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/152455988198136/ FAB has more than 900 members at the moment and it’s constantly growing. FAB aims to gather French people or Francophiles through a range of events. Every two months a social event is organised (meeting in a pub/bowling/crepes night/film night/apero/etc..) >>see galleries for events’ pictures. One of the most looked forward to event is the "Ouh la la night". This is a unique event that is unlike any other French soirée in Bristol. 100% French music is played, varying from the late 60s until today’s French top 40! FAB would like to continue providing a link between French and Bristolian culture. (FR) Français à Bristol (communément appelé FAB) est une organisation basée à Bristol, Angleterre. FAB est organisée de deux façons : 1. Elle offre une variété de services aux Français s’installant à Bristol sans repères. De l’aide est apportée afin qu’ils puissent trouver un travail/ un logement / une banque/ choisir leurs fournisseurs de téléphonie/ avoir des informations sur le système de santé au Royaume-Uni. 2. Elle offre la possibilité aux personnes qui aiment la culture Française ou la langue Française de trouver un partenaire linguistique/ d’apprendre le Français… Cette organisation a été fondée en 2011 et se présente comme le repère de la « French touch » à Bristol. FAB est présent sur deux plateformes. La page Facebook pour tous partages de vidéos / photos/événements https://www.facebook.com/francais.abristol Le groupe Facebook pour toutes questions ou débats https://www.facebook.com/groups/152455988198136/ FAB compte actuellement plus de 900 membres et ce chiffre ne cesse d’augmenter. FAB rassemble les Français ou Francophiles à travers une variété d’événements. En effet, un événement est organisé presque tous les deux mois (rencontre dans un bar/soirée bowling/soirées crêpes/soirée films/apéro/etc..) >> rdv sur la galerie pour regarder les photos des sorties. L’un des événements les plus connus reste la soirée « Ouh là là ». C’est un événement unique et authentique. 100% musique Française des années 60 jusqu’à aujourd’hui. Tous types de musique mais que de la musique Française évidemment! A long terme, FAB voudrait apporter un service de grande qualité à ses membres mais également créer des partenariats avec des organisations en France et à Bristol.

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